Associate Regisration



1. Only one ID allowed for one PAN CARD.
2. Pan card, Adhar card, Bank Detail and Nominee detail are compulsory.
3. Payouts will be transfer to same distributer’s bank account.
4. Payout transfer will be every month’s 7th 14th 21st and end of the month, depending on bank holydays .
5. 5% admin charge, 5%TDS (with pan card) charge will be deduct before payouts bank transfer.
6. Without Pan card TDS charge will be 10% for every payouts .
7. Distributer’s ID name will not change in any condition.
8. Nominee Name will be change as per company rules.
9. All rights and reserved, company may be change any terms and condition and plan without any notice Any dispute will be subject to Barabanki Jurisdiction.
10. Percentage of all given funds can be fluctuate any time as per company rules.
11. If any distributer doesn’t fulfill the criteria of repurchase according to his rank, he will not get repurchase income &carry forward BV will be Lapps.
12. Limit of Carry forward BV( repurchase ) of any distributer can be Rs. 50,00000 only, above 50,00000 carry forward BV will be Lapps.
13. Any franchise business will not be add in team business, some percentage of franchise business will give only sponsor depend on company.
14. If any distributer works against the company rules, his/her Distributer ID will be block and company will take a action against him.